Terms of Use
Privacy Protection
As a member of townseed.org, you are identified by:
  • Your real name, because the online network corresponds to your on-the-ground, neighborhood network, anyway.
  • Your zip code, because that's how we show you local projects.
As a member of townseed.org, you are NOT identified by your map coordinates:
  • We do ask you to select your latitude and longitude (in the "Settings").
  • However, the only reason that your latitude and longitude is necessary is because some members create projects that only allow neighbors within a specified radius (of 0.1 mile, 0.5 miles, 2 miles, etc.,) to "Follow" the experiment.
  • Thus, to ensure that you are able to participate in events close to your home, when setting your latitude and longitude you should zoom in and click somwhere close to your home. The precision of your click is not critical, but will determine how close you are to another experiment; the location of which, was defined by where that experiment's founder clicked on the map.
  • No one except for townseed.org system administrators will ever see your latitude and longitude. It is used only to calculate your distance from a given experiment, and only you will see this calculated distance.
  • Consequently, because your geographic coordinates are hidden from other members, if you ever wish to specify the location for an event or meetup, you must enter that information explicitly, as you would any other content.
Your content can be viewed only by townseed.org members.

Viewing any user-generated content at townseed.org requires being signed-in, so your content is not searchable by search engines. Furthermore, none of your personal information is shared with advertisers or any other third party, currently; and never will be without your explicit permission.
Member Agreement
By using this site, you agree to the following MEMBER AGREEMENT:

Townseed.org is owned and operated by Sensible Arts, LLC, Mount Pleasant, Michigan, 48858, USA. Below, "we" or "us" refers to Sensible Arts, LLC.

  • We do not use cookie tracking. The only information stored in your browser's cookie database is a code to identify your browser session so that you are not required to use a password every time you reopen your browser. This is common practice, and safe — as long as you remember to sign out any time you are on a public computer.
  • Each person is limited to one account and you must be at least 18 years old to create an account. When you create an account you are considered a member.
  • Members must use their real name.
  • You retain all ownership rights to any content (text, photos) that you add to townseed.org. The degree to which your content is shared within the site depends on the preference settings offered in the application, which may change from time to time but are under your control.
  • Do not post any unauthorized, objectionable, or illegal content. If you see any of this, you agree to report it to admin@townseed.org.
  • There is no warranty whatsoever. The site may go down or content may be lost. Message delivery may be delayed or fail entirely. Objectionable content may be posted for a while before we become aware of it. You are using townseed.org at your own risk. As you support us and we grow as a company, such risks will be reduced.